*smartAgerZ is Connecting People for Better Tomorrow.
*smartAgerZ is a HUB for Expressing Hidden Talents.
*smartAgerZ says-“Let Us Express Our Hidden Talents for A Better Tomorrow and Let Us Provide A Platform for Unemployees through Sharing Knowledge and Connecting People around the Globe which we believe will be better than the best connection.
*smartAgerZ promotes a platform for Talents and New Ways for Unemployees by giving individuals greater scopes to share and connect and certain principle guide smartAgerZ in pursuing these goals.
*Achieving these goals of Principles should be constrained only by limitations of law , technology, and evolving social norms.
*smartAgerZ, therefore establish these Principles as the Foundation of the rights and responsibilities of those within the smartAgerZ service.
*smartAgerZ beliefs that- “Job Creator is Better Than Job Seeker”