About smartAgerZ.com
First Social Networking site of North-East India.First Multifunctional Social Networking Site of North-East India.First Multilingual Social Networking Site from Assam.Users can EXPRESS Themselves GLOBALLY with some Exciting Features.smartAgerZ is the First full featured,first fully developed & first full-fledged Social Networking Site of North-East India.

ABOUT US:- THE GIST- Welcome to The FIRST full-featured, fully fledged and multilingual Social Networking Site of North-East India: ©smartAgerZ. Some exciting features of ©smartAgerZ are -  GAMING SYSTEM,  PAGE SYSTEM,  CLASSIFIED (MARKET SYSTEM),  BLOGGING,  GROUP,  EVENT SYSTEM,  FORUM SYSTEM,  MOVIES SYSTEM,  ADVERTISING SYSTEM,  STORY/STATUS SYSTEM,  smartPost SYSTEM WITH LIMITED 640 CHARACTERS,  GIF SYSTEM,  FRIENDS NEARBY SYSTEM,  MESSAGE & CHAT SYSTEM,  AUDIO CHAT,  VIDEO CHAT,  MP3 PLAYER & UPLOADER,  VIDEO PLAYER & UPLOADER,  AUDIO COMMENT SYSTEM,  POLLING SYSTEM WITH 8 ANSWERS,  BLUE BADGE FOR VERIFIED PROFILE & PAGE,  ARTICLE SYSTEM,  AFFILIATING & REFERRAL LINK SYSTEM FOR USERS,  CSS FILE UPLOADING SYSTEM,  HOBBY SYSTEM,  BLOOD GROUP MENTION SYSTEM,  DISLIKE BUTTON,  MAPPING SYSTEM,  FOLLOW & FOLLOWERS SYSTEM,  PROFILE VISIT SYSTEM and many more to come. Any registered user of ©smartAgerZ can create a smartPost, which, by default is public, and can include a message of 640 characters or less. Other featured contents are: photos, videos, and links to other websites. ©smartAgerZ provides a fast, beautiful and fun way for you to share IDEAS and EXPRESS TALENTS through single content-sharing platform. Just update status or write article with limited 640 characters or post a poll with limited 8 options of answers, choose a filter to transform sharing and feel, add comments (if you like), like and dislike (if you dislike) and share to your timeline or to share to other social medias such as- facebook, Twitter and Gmail+! What you share on ©smartAgerZ may be viewed all around the world instantly. ©smartAgerz.com runs a service and would love for you to use it. Our service is designed to give you as much control, security, privacy and ownership over what goes on your activities as possible and encourages you to express yourself freely but globally. LET’S EVERYONE EXPRESS HIDDEN TALENTS. ©smartAgerZ CONNECTING PEOPLE FOR BETTER TOMORROW. However, be responsible in what you do. In particular, make sure that none of the prohibited items listed in Terms of Use , appear on your activities or get linked to from your activities, things like spam, viruses, hate content, or others copyrighted content. OUR MISSION- CONNECTING FOR BETTER TOMORROW. The Website © smartAgerZ.com is owned, operated and founded by Er.Monn Ossom. ABOUT THE FOUNDER - Er Monn Ossom. After 5 years of continuous effort and long term hard work, Monn Ossom From Margherita, Assam, has created this website as he wished, has been dreaming and has been working on an average of sixteen-eighteen hours per day to fulfill his desired DREAM of building THE FIRST FULL-FLEDGED, FULLY FEATURED & MULTILINGUAL SOCIAL NETWORKING SITE OF NORTH-EAST INDIA. Sometimes, he works 22 hours a day for 3 to 4 days, when necessary. He had to perform the following tasks without support from anyone, because no one came forward to help him. He discussed his project and told to about fifty nine friends and people. But no one interested for being a part of his ONLINE PROJECT. At last he decided to move forward alone, as a passion for life. He had to perform everything from adding features ; logo designing ;server administrating, software installation ; testing features of demo site, ©smartAgerZ formation ; writing Terms and Condition, Privacy Policy ; data policy, Terms of Use, domain selection ,launching event ,promoting, Managing, execution to developing etc. He is also building ©smartAgerZ Android Mobile Application (Android App of ©smartAgerZ coming soon), which is under progression and development (70%completed). After 5 years of commitment and dedication in spite of so many barriers regarding financial and administrative status and lack of infrastructures and communications, he becomes the first Main Stream, fully-fledged, full featured and Multilingual Social Networking Site Developer from North-East India. He is dedicating this social networking site to his mother land ASSAM-INDIA and ALL UNEMPLOYEES OF NORTH-EAST INDIA. JAI AAI ASSOM. JAI HIND. STARTED ON- 21st December, 2012. Established on – 15 Th March, 2014. Launched on - 06 Th, October, 2017. Officially Launched on - 30 Th, November,2017